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  • Anonymous asked : I never get a reply to private messages I send off anon

    hmmmm. well my deepest apologies. nothing personal. 

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  • Anonymous asked : Do you reply to your asks?

    most of them. sometimes ill get some, then not get on tumblr for a while and it’s too hard to reply to them all so i pick and choose ones i like. 

  • Anonymous asked : ugh what the fuck, i dint not mean for this to turn into all of this lmao. Have a good night :*

    oh i was enjoying it….sorry. i dont care?

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  • Anonymous asked : i dont have good experiences, my siblings don't talk to my mom and I don't talk to my dad. Sometimes i think im too cynical but sometimes i think im just being realistic. i just dont see myself as the type of parent that my kids would want... and its dumb because my ideal guy would be a great father that my kids would want. also, im like reallllly awkward with children too...

    We’ll you gotta do what makes you happy in the long run. nothing wrong with not wanting to be a parent. Just dont let your parents/childhood guide future expectations of you having kids. you’re your own person, you’d figure it out if it was what you really wanted 

  • Anonymous asked : they run off, they scream, the get in trouble at school, other kids bully them, what if they develop a disorder? what if im not a good enough parent? after all, all i know is what my mom taught me and thats not exactly good. what if i don't do enough and by the time i realize its too late? idk mike, im just scared at the fact that i wouldnt be a good parent......

    Nah, you’d only be a bad parent if you think you’ll be one. you’re only focusing on the bad stuff that can/ and will most likely happen. but what about the good stuff? having someone to show the world and teach right from wrong. someone who you love who will always love you and you’ll share this bond that no matter what happens, can never be broken. sometimes the trouble they get into is the cutest shit and you cant even be mad. i cant picture a future without me having kids, its just part of my family and me honestly. you’re putting wayyyy to much pressure on yourself. 

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  • Anonymous asked : :/ didn't pass my kid test.

    whats wrong with kids?

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  • Anonymous asked : describe your ideal like at 33

    happy. maybe wifed up with some little mikes running around on a farm, somewhere close to a city. lots of land to do whatever on. great friends. good drinks. laughter. 

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  • Anonymous asked : oh my fucking god you are so adorable.... but like in a hot manly way???

    haha nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. 

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  • imawalkingtravestyy:

    i wanna lie on the floor and not think for a month or two.

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